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House Rules

Tahlequah’s Place and Tokitae’s Place House Rules

  • CHECK-IN/ OUT - Check-in after 4:00 p.m. We currently cannot allow early check-in or luggage drop off before check-in.

  • You will check yourself in with a code on a smartlock touchscreen keypad. If you are arriving after quiet hours, please be mindful of your noise level.

  • Check out is 11:00 a.m. Because of housekeeping, we have to keep to the checkout time.

  • CHILDREN - No children under 12.

  • NUMBER OF GUESTS - No more than 2 guests in the condo. Person who has made the reservation must be the one checking in and staying. Bookings made for others or 3rd party bookings are not accepted.

  • QUIET HOURS - The Condominium associations Quiet hours are between 10:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. Please respect quiet hours.

  • NOISE LEVEL - There is a possibility that you will hear the people in the next room. With that possibility, the people in the next room can hear you too! Please be mindful of your noise level.

  • NO SMOKING, VAPING, OR DRUG USE - No smoking, vaping, or drug use allowed inside, outside, or around Sandpiper Condo property. Absolutely no smoking, vaping, or drug use allowed in our units "Tahlequah’s Place and Tokitae’s Place". If there is evidence of smoking, vaping, or drug use inside our unit, you will be charged a $250-$1000 fee depending on the damage.

  • NO PARTIES - Absolutely no parties are allowed.

  • NO PETS - Pets are not allowed. It is not only our rule, but also an HOA rule.

  • SERVICE ANIMALS - Service Animals must be declared at time of booking. Proof that the animal is a service animal is required.

  • KEEP THE UNIT CLEAN - We understand that you are on vacation, but please treat our place better than you would your own home. Please clean up after yourself and keep the unit clean. If there are any accidents (especially with bodily fluids), please clean it up. Any extraordinary cleaning and/ or damages will be charged additional fees.

  • BICYCLES - No Bicycles allowed in Condo Unit. It is against our rules as well as the condo associations rules. There is a bike rack near unit 1 and Jensen Alley.

  • NO EATING ON THE BED - Please do NOT eat or drink on the bed. Even though this is a studio unit, there is a table and/ or counter to eat and drink at. If there is evidence that you or someone in your party had food and/ or drink in the bed, an additional cleaning fee will be charged.

  • NO SHOES IN THE CONDO - There is a mat inside by the door for your shoes.

  • DO NOT USE THE BACKDOOR - It is for emergencies only.

  • LIGHTS and TV - Please turn off all lights and TV anytime you leave the condo.

  • SMART HOME DEVICES AND ELECTRONICS - Smart home devices and other electronics are NOT to be unplugged or tampered with during your stay.

San Juan Island Vacation Properties reserve the right to evict and/or add additional charges to any guest who violates these house rules or causes damages during their stay.

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